Updating the BrailleSense Polaris – Step-by-Step Instructions

BrailleSense Polaris
2017-12-29 10:27
To upgrade a BrailleSense Polaris using the online method:

You must be connected to a network via WiFi or Ethernet.
Press F1 to go to the Start Menu.
Press U (DOTS1+3+6) to go to the utilities menu.
Press U (DOTS1+3+6) to go to upgrade BrailleSense Polaris.
Press enter on Online.
The Polaris will download and install the update
Please do not press any keys while the download and installation is in progress.

Once the installation is complete, press space with v to check what version is installed.

If you are still having trouble, you can email HIMS Technical support at or call 888-520-4467 and press option 1 for Technical Support.

To upgrade using the Offline method, please download the firmware by going to:

BrailleSense Polaris Firmware v.21674

Then follow the instructions below:

1. Download the file containing the firmware to your PC.

2. The file should have a .bin extension. If this is not the case, rename it so that it does.

3. Copy the .bin file and paste it into the root of an external storage device such as an SD card or USB thumb drive.

4. Connect the external storage device to the Polaris.

5. Connect your Polaris to AC power.

6. From the main “Program” menu, press U (DOTS1+3+6) to open the “Utilities” menu.

7. Press U (DOTS1+3+6) again for “Upgrade Firmware”.

8. When prompted, “Upgrade Online?” press “Space-4” (Down arrow) to move to “Offline”, and press “Enter”.

9. The Polaris checks for new firmware on your external storage devices.

10. Polaris prompts “Extracting Files” and the upgrade begins.

11. While the unit is upgrading, progress is displayed on the Braille display in the form of a percentage. This will happen multiple times. Please do not press buttons or power off the unit during the upgrade process as this may result in an incomplete installation.

12. There may be one or more re-boots of the Polaris during the upgrade process. When the upgrade is complete, you are placed in the Quick Start Tutorial. Press “Space-V” DOTS1+2+3+6) to verify your notetaker is running the correct build.