BrailleSense Polaris Release Note

BrailleSense Polaris
2017-12-29 10:34
Changes list for Polaris Update 3.

1. Launcher
1. Inserted “Android System Settings” in the “Polaris Settings” menu
1. Hot-Key: e (F3+E)
2. Inserted “Android backup & Reset” in the “Polaris Settings” menu
3. Other “Settings” menu items renamed for clarity.
4. Inserted the ability to activate the App Actions menu for the focused app in the All Apps list.
1. Hot-Key: Enter+I

2. General
1. Now auto shuts down when the battery reaches 2%.
2. Inserted the function to copy and paste across BrailleSense and Android apps.
3. Inserted a “Close All” button in the task manager. Press F3 from the Task list.
4. Inserted the function to close Android apps using space-z.
5. Improved Wi-Fi connection and disconnection issues.
6. Improved recognition of insertion and removal of SD cards.
7. Fixed the problem of space-x not working in the time edit box.
8. Fixed the problem where seconds are not displayed at correct intervals in Braille when showing time.
9. F1-H now opens the Help menu as it should.
10. Fixed the problem of announcing “blank” when inputting space-u with keyboard echo set to off.

3. Quick Start Guide
1. Inserted a section about navigating Android apps.

4. File Manager
1. Improved the speed of copying files and folders.
2. Fixed a problem copying to folders with a dollar sign in the name.
3. Can now open the file information dialog correctly.
4. If you rename a file, the extension now remains. In previous firmware, all is cleared when you type a new name.

5. Word processor
1. Fixed problems with copy, cut and paste when selection is started from within a word.
2. Fixed problems with incorrect line movement in some Braille documents.
3. Fixed problems of incorrect or nonexistent speech when deleting characters.
4. Fixed the “Find Next” function.
5. Fixed strange and repeated characters when deleting text.
6. For technical reasons, we have had to disable the Font settings when using TXT. It remains active when creating DOC or DOCX.
7. Math
1. Fixed the problem of incorrectly speaking “divided by.”
2. Fixed the problem of incorrectly speaking “hyphen” and “plus or minus” sign as well as comparison signs.
3. Fixed the problem of incorrectly speaking “cot,”, “sec” and “csc” signs.
4. Fixed the problem of incorrectly speaking “ellipsis” and “point.”
5. Fixed the problem of not displaying complex fractions correctly.

6. E-mail
1. Fixed the problem of not sending messages that include special characters in the recipient fields.
2. Fixed a problem where all messages are not always received.
3. Fixed the spell checker dialog.

7. Media Player
1. Fixed the problem of not playing m3u files from the web browser.
2. Inserted the function to display the current time index.
3. Improved the speed of playlist creation.

8. Daisy Player
1. Inserted the auto scroll function for the braille display.

9. Web Browser
1. Fixed problems logging in to several websites, specifically web portals like hotels and airports.
2. Fixed the problem of not correctly navigating headings in “”
3. Fixed the problem of displaying the incorrect control type in password edit boxes.
4. Fixed the problem of not displaying the file name when downloading mp3 files.
5. Fixed the problem logging in to Dropbox.
1. If you set the web Browser to use mobile mode, you should install and use the Android Dropbox program.
2. If you set the Web Browser to use desktop mode, you can login with the Browser.

10. Global Options.
1. Inserted “Every 5 minutes” and “every 10 minutes” options for the “Time Announcement” setting.

11. Mobile Screen Reader
1. Inserted onboard Help keystrokes available with Space-H when using Android apps.
2. Inserted the function to adjust slide controls.
1. Backspace-Space-Dot 1
2. Backspace-Space-Dot 4
3. Fixed the key conflict between the Google Sheets edit command and the Global device Name hot key.
4. Fixed problems inputting the code in the “WhatsApp app.”

12. Notifications
1. Fixed display of some notification types such as those from CNN or Weather Bug.
2. Can now open the “sync error” notification.